Environmental Policy Statement by Bitros Steel

The management of BITROS STEEL S.A., pledges that, with the cooperation of the executive staff, it will continue to ensure the complete and effective implementation of the company’s Environmental Management System across the entire range of its activities and that it will provide all the means required for the continued smooth functioning and enhancement of the system.

The environmental protection policy implemented by the company is based on the following principles:

  • Taking environmental protection measures in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Applying an Environmental Management System in all production activities.
  • Defining the scope and objectives of environmental interventions.
  • Assessing and improving its overall environmental performance by preparing and implementing action plans for the achievement of specific environmental goals and objectives, always based on defined implementation deadlines.
  • Adopting specific environmental control rules in its internal production operation.
  • Improving its overall environmental behavior, especially in relation to the prevention of environmental pollution and dealing with emergencies.
  • Continuing to train and inform its personnel on environmental issues.
  • Promoting open dialogue and public information, in a spirit of sincere and mutual respect.
  • Establishing the concepts of ecological sensitivity and environmental vision which inspire top management, at all levels of the company.

The Environmental Management Officer ensures that the directives of the Environmental Management System are fully understood by all company employees and are implemented and complied with at all levels of the company’s organizational structure and all stages of production.

As stated above, the company’s management and executives pledge themselves to ensure that the Environmental Management System is always fully implemented and will provide all the means required for its continuous smooth functioning and enhancement.