Bitros Holding Group offers a variaty of services related to metal industry such as:

  • Cut-to-Length Line
  • Slitting Line
  • Hollow Sections & Pipes Line
  • Shotblasting & Painting Line
  • Flame Cutting Line NC
  • Saw Cutting of Long Products

Besides, BITROS REBARS CENTER S.A. offers the complete range of products and services concerning the reinforcement of the structural works' concrete, and moreover, in accordance to the European quality standards, which exceed by far those of the domestic market.

  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel in Bars and Coils
  • THORAX Antiseismic Reinforcement
  • Cage for pile reinforcement in dimensions Φ40cm to Φ200m
  • Wire mess
  • Wire for the tying of the re-bars
  • Plain reinforcing bars (for "pins")
  • Plastic spacers
  • Insulation Material

  • Compiling of the cutting and bending lists according to the drawings
  • Cutting
  • Shaping (bending)
  • Reinforcement placement (fixing)






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