Occupational Safety and Health

Ensuring occupational safety and health is one of the biggest challenges facing our Group across the entire range of its operations, and our goal is to achieve a zero-accident level through the active support of both management and employees.

Policy Statement on Occupational Safety and Health

Our employees’ occupational safety and health is a non-negotiable and fundamental concern. To that end, we are developing and implementing effective OSH systems, standards and practices geared to the risks associated with our business activities.

Their implementation is aimed at minimizing and controlling the risks associated with our activities, by maintaining working conditions that ensure the safety both of employees and visitors.

Since our primary concern is to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, we recognize and support the following safety and health principles:

  • We strive to set up an environment where accidents or other incidents at work are a preventable risk within the company.
  • OSH standards in all branches of our Group should at least be in compliance with all state and regulatory requirements.
  • Implementing an effective OSH management plan is an integral part of our business activities, and in that direction:
    • We will work to identify, assess and minimize risks relating to known causes of accidents occurring in the course of work performed in our own working areas.
    • We will strive to ensure that all employees, at every level, are not only familiar with OSH regulations but also comply with them.
    • We will ensure that any possible accidents or other incidents are studied, assessed and included in the integrated management review plan.
We believe and expect that all employees will respond effectively and will make a commitment to support the management in the implementation of this safety and health policy.

This policy applies to all employees of the BITROS Group.