Quality Policy Statement by BITROS STEEL S.A.

The vision of Bitros Steel is to maintain its leading position in the Greek market and make its name a symbol of high quality in steel products.
The fundamental principle of the quality policy of Bitros Steel is to ensure full customer satisfaction in all company transactions and an ongoing improvement in the quality of its services to ensure that all its customers’ needs are met.

To that end, Bitros Steel works with top companies in the sector, on a global scale, and thoroughly checks the raw materials and goods it receives, at the same time ensuring the implementation and continuous improvement of its Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, which is fully in line with the Company’s needs and goals.

Because we believe in ongoing improvement, all of us at Bitros Steel have committed ourselves to achieving the following targets:

  1. to ensure the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001:2000;
  2. to continue training staff members  to ensure that a high level of  technical skills is maintained and that all are well-informed on quality issues;
  3. to ensure the continuous updating and full utilization of the capabilities offered by technology so work can be executed both more efficiently and with better results ;
  4. to achieve a reduction in non-compliant products during manufacture;
  5. to ensure that operating and production costs are progressively lowered;
  6. to achieve a constantly improving level of customer satisfaction.

We believe that the above will not only give the Company the best possible image in the market, but will also result in a sense of pride and satisfaction for all of us, both management and employees, working for the progress of Bitros Steel.

P. Bitros

Chairman of the Board of Directors