Quality Policy

Most of the group’s companies have been taking important steps towards assuring quality since 2001 by adopting, implementing and certifying quality systems in accordance with the requirements laid down in the ISO 9001 standard.

Such certifications, as well as their upgrades, are the result of the continuous effort made by the Company’s management and employees towards improving the quality of the products and services provided, so as to ensure that customers’ needs are perfectly met.

Our Group believes that quality management systems can help a company enhance its ability to provide products and services that can consistently meet its customers’ needs.

This belief was reflected in the statement made by the Company’s CEO, Mr. Ioannis Bitros, following the certification of BITROS STEEL in accordance with ISO 9001  in 2001:

"No company can call itself modern unless its management makes quality the very core of every goal, function and activity. We are trying to build the operation of the Group’s companies on an entirely customer-oriented foundation. The level of customer satisfaction is the measure we use to assess the effectiveness of our administrative policy. We are confident that the quality certification of our process will contribute to this effort".