Code of Business Principles

The objective of our Group is to ensure its effective, responsible and profitable engagement in the trade and manufacture of iron and steel products, the marketing and development of real estate as well as other chosen activities, and to play an active part in those sectors in an effort to maintain and improve its long-term competitive position in the markets where it is active, with respect for people, society and the environment.

Our Group recognizes four areas of responsibility:

  • To its Shareholders

It strives to protect their investments and ensure that they earn a satisfactory return on their funds, under conditions of full transparency.

  • To its Customers

It strives to provide them with quality products and services which will meet their needs on competitive terms.

  • To its Employees and Partners

It recognizes that the company’s people are its strength. Respect for their rights and emphasis on their professional development is a necessary prerequisite for the achievement of its corporate goals.

  • To  Society

It functions as a socially responsible citizen and contributes to the progress and prosperity of society as a whole.