Important Milestones

The most important milestones in the Company's history and the events having affected its current position are the following:

  • 1945: Establishment of a business in Piraeus trading in iron products by Ioannis Bitros, the  father of its current chairman.
  • 1957: Its conversion into a société anonyme under the company name “BITROS S.A.”
  • 1975: The setting-up of facilities at Petrou Ralli Street, Athens, an important step towards the modernization of iron trading in Greece.
  • 1989: Entry into the industrial sector with the manufacture of sheet metal and other steel products.
  • 1990: Listing on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE).
  • 1993: Relocation of warehouses and production facilities to the Company’s own 90,000 square-meter plot at Aspropyrgos. Operation of the first integrated steel service center in Greece.
  • 1999: Completion of two share-capital increases, yielding DRS 8.5 billion.
  • 1999 - 2000: Establishment of BITROS NORTHERN GREECE S.A. and work starts on the construction of the Steel Service Center at Sindos, to reinforce the company’s local presence.
    • Buyout of METALIMPEX S.A. – Absorption of BITROS NORTHERN GREECE.
    • Conversion of BITROS S.A. into a holding company and simultaneous separation of the metallurgy branch and absorption thereof by BITROS STEEL S.A. BITROS S.A. renamed BITROS HOLDING S.A.
  • 2001: Buyout of THORAX ANTISEISMIC S.A. and entry into the earthquake-proof construction sector.
  • 2002: Establishment of BITROS REBAR CENTER S.A.
  • 2007: Merger of BITROS STEEL S.A. and BITROS METALIMPEX S.A. through the absorption of the latter by the former.
  • 2009:Merger of BITROS REBAR CENTER SA and THORAX ANTISEISMIC SA through the absorption of the latter by the former.
  • 2010:Licenses for the production of electric energy were given for two photovoltaic stations of total power-generation of 3.85MW.
  • 2011:BITROS STEEL together with Tsakos Group, bought in 2011, TX Energy, a company that owns the electricity production rights of two photovoltaic stations of total power of 2.8 ΜW. The  company has installed one pv station of 1.5 MW in the area of Assiros, S. Salonica and one pv station of 1.3 MW in the area of Raches, Korithios, near Tripoli.Both pv stations were connected to the grid in April, 2012.
    BITROS REBARS bought, also in 2011, ILIOTOPIO S.A. a company that owns the electricity production rights of one pv station of 2.0 MW. The company has installed the PV station of 2.0 MW in its property in Vrisika, Municipality of Sparta, which was connected to the grid in April, 2012